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Arvind Kejriwal to Speak On Delhi’s Fight against Pollution

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal is scheduled to speak on Delhi’s fight against pollution at C40 Summit in Copenhagen, Denmark. The summit is slated between October 9th and 12, 2019.

The leader of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) will be joining one of the world’s largest summit with other leaders hailing from New York, London, Paris, Los Angeles, and Berlin. The summit will be discussing ways of fighting climate change by bringing in new ways and solutions on the high table of urban powerhouses.

Arvind Kejriwal to Speak On Delhi’s Fight against Pollution

The AAP leader and president are expected to speak on his government and the experience in lowering air pollution in New Delhi. He would be discussing the present set of initiatives taken by the government to fight against pollution that led to 25 percent of the reduction in air pollution in the capital city of India.

New Delhi and its residents have been choking on poor air quality for a long time now. Kejriwal had previously declared Delhi as the choking chamber capital of India. The capital city has also been declared as the world’s most polluted capital cities of the world. Which made the chief minister of the city take an initiative to bring innovative solutions to fight against air pollution.

C40 Summit: The Expectations

Arvind Kejriwal is expected to speak about his role in improving the electricity supply, the phasing out of generator sets on a large scale, peripheral highways, crackdown on construction sites, increased green cover and the massive reduction in industrial pollution due to shutting down of two thermal power plants and shifting industry to Compressed Natural Gas (CNG).

Arvind Kejriwal will also be speaking during the summit on the future plan of action on air pollution. Additionally, he is also likely to speak about the odd-even scheme that was an innovative approach to cut down spike in air pollution in the city.

Odd-Even Scheme – Delhi Government’s Approach to Clean Air Solution

Odd-Even is a flagship scheme by the Delhi Government that aimed at controlling Delhi Air Pollution. It was implemented for the first time in January 2016. Apart from New Delhi, Paris and many other international cities have also successfully rolled out the odd-even scheme.

Arvind Kejriwal is set to speak on Delhi fight against Air Pollution and its reduction schemes in Copenhagen, Denmark during C40 Summit.


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