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Delhi AQI Before & After Lockdown Difference

Fortunately, the year 2020 witnessed that the air pollution level decreased suddenly when the total lockdown was imposed in the country. It was an unexpected improvement of air quality everywhere during the lockdown. The animals started coming out of the forest. And they were seen playing in the street. Let’s take an example of Delhi, India. The below chart shows that the AQI level after 22nd March, 2020 started declining after the national wide lockdown was imposed. The sky was very clean and clear. 

Data Source: AQI.IN

Time 2020 AQI 2021 AQI % Change
2021-03-22 154.4 107.6 -30.31%
2021-03-23 102.7 107.3 4.48%
2021-03-24 99.4 95.8 -3.62%
2021-03-25 85 88.1 3.65%
2021-03-26 94.4 123.2 30.51%
2021-03-27 57.1 143 150.44%
2021-03-28 54.5 146 167.89%
2021-03-29 60.5 130.5 115.70%
2021-03-30 89.7 161.9 80.49%


Delhi AQI – 2021 April Lockdown

Due to 2nd wave wide spread of COVID19 again, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal announced the first lockdown of 2021 from 17th April. It was earlier to end tomorrow (April 26) at 5 pm. The national capital Delhi will continue to be in lockdown till next 3rd May 2021.

As per the data shown in the chart, the AQI level in Delhi started declining after the few days of lockdown.

Data Source: AQI.IN

Data Source: AQI.IN

Some Benefits of Lockdown for Environment

  • Yes, it definitely improves the air quality of the environment.
  • It also improves the climatic conditions. 
  • Use of resources is minimized. 
  • Pandemic lockdown brings down air pollution by up to 50-60% in some areas.


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