As per the latest reports, the effects of air pollution caused more deaths than smoking. The rising number of health issues and frequent visits to the hospital implies that air pollution has become our worst enemy. While senior people are dealing with existing health issues, the younger generation can be seen complaining of serious health problems at an age as young as 10 years.

After numerous researches conducted on air pollution causes, doctors suggest being exposed to pollution for a long time can damage brain cells. Around 4.2 billion deaths are linked to outdoor air pollution. Stroke, lung cancer, acute respiratory infection among the children are mainly accounted to ambient air pollution.

Effects of Air Pollution Impacts Our Well Being

The effects of air pollution have made everyone take rising pollution cases quite seriously. The impact of air pollution has a direct effect on our health and eco-system. It has significantly affected not only the lives of the people but every living thing in our surrounding.

effects of air pollution

Growth in the population means a rise in the pollution level. India is one of the largest countries in the world, the number is only increasing. With this, urbanization and advancement in technology to do better has not stopped us from consuming energy and producing some more while exhausting the existing energy. This naturally results in the emission of harmful chemicals and gases in the air from the power used in the various form.

We are a social animal constantly making aggressive efforts to outdo each other in this big competitive world. Continuously breathing polluted air, we don’t even realize the serious health effects of air pollution. Unaware of the hazardous impact of air pollution in our lives, we are burning our money on frequent hospital visits and medical bills.

Health effects of air pollution are affecting our health more than ever


When we talk about air pollution, we know there is a problem with the air we are breathing. However, most of the times, air pollution causes are left ignored. Emission of fuel fumes from different modes of transportation, burning of fossil fuel, industrial production of waste and harmful gas, open burning of waste and toxic radiation of chemical gas are just a few examples of realistic cases of air pollution.

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Our physical and mental well being contributes to our productivity throughout the day. If either is affected by any means, not only our work suffers but our surrounding takes a toll too.

Breathing toxic air can cause irregular body function:

  • Respiratory issues
  • Cardiovascular damage
  • Headache, nausea, anxiety, fatigue
  • Irritation in the eyes, nose, and throat
  • Damage in the reproductive organs
  • Nervous system damage

Prevention of air pollution is our only way to a better life, but how? 

When northern India suffered greatly from the Sandstrom in the middle of 2018, people in the country complained of difficulty in breathing. Everyone thought twice before stepping out of their indoors, vowing to go green rest of the year. However, during Diwali even though the Government sanctioned a ban on the crackers post 10 pm, an entire community of people who claim to be fake realist was seen shooting sky shot rockets – making Instagram video throughout the celebration time.

effects of air pollution

People fired sky shots crackers till late night on account of Diwali celebration, creating noise pollution followed by a smoggy morning the next day.

On the other hand, Delhi-NCR recently experienced hailstorm which was completely unexpected in this winter season. People again are voicing their opinion on how climate change and air pollution is real and making our lungs go through tremendous times.

Is there any solution to the graving cause that air pollution has become to be?

Who is accountable to the rise in the Air Quality Index (AQI) which is a term to describe what is the quality of the air you’re breathing right now?

If people like us who are disturbed by the effects of air pollution behave irresponsibly towards our surrounding then who can we expect to help us during the desperate time?

A simple favor on our lives can save us from the increasing impact of outdoor and indoor air pollution.

  • Installing indoor and outdoor monitoring devices can help us become aware of the air quality around us.
  • Using a pollution mask and air purifier can filter the ambient and indoor pollution.
  • Carpooling or taking public transport helps in controlling vehicular emission.
  • Planting trees and use of organic food and beverages can help us stop production factories who cause serious environmental pollution.
  • Keeping a check on our energy usage can ensure that our little contribution to a better and sustainable lifestyle is important for future generations to come.

We hope this article helps you understand the perilous impact of air pollution and if you wish to check the quality of the air in your location, visit or download our app available on Google Play Store. iPhone users can find the app on the iTunes App Store.


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