How Noida Plans to Tackle Air Pollution Among Other Environmental Issues

In spite of having a green cover over the cities length, Noida – Which is a constantly developing city is often cited as one of the most polluted cities in the country. In such a state how Noida plans to tackle Air Pollution has become a big question mark for the residents. To provide the residents and people inhabiting the city some relief, the state government formed a ‘District Environment Committee’ in 15 most polluted cities including Noida and Greater Noida. The committee will monitor all environment-related issues that these areas/cities are facing.  

The order which has been placed mostly constitutes of separate committees for air and water pollution. Plastic management and waste disposal management are other separate committees that have been formed under this order. A single committee is also formed to look over all these matters and the city wise plantation process that will be carried along with taking measures to restore balance. 

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This committee will be headed by the district magistrate who would look over all heads related to various departments working on curbing these environmental problems. The divisional forest officer will the member secretary of the entire operation. 


BN Singh, the district magistrate said that “Air Pollution and waste management are some of the priority issues in Gautam Budh Nagar as we are part of NCR located close to Delhi. We will be meeting in the first week of every month and the chief secretary will chair every fourth meeting.” He also said that these steps towards integration will reduce delays in policy implementation and improve coordination towards environmental conservation. 

Currently, Uttar Pradesh has 15 cities with severely polluted air. Nine of which are critically polluted because of industrial clusters. 12 major riverbeds are also getting affected due to the increase in pollutants. CPCB (Central Pollution Control Board) has declared cities like Ghaziabad, Baghpat, Hapur, Muzzafarnagar, Kanpur, and Agra to be the most polluted in the state. 

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This new monitoring committee is expected to look into all land, air and water pollution problems. They are also supposed to maintain complete transparency by establishing a web portal that will be set up to keep all state pollution control problems in one bay. This will be constantly regulated and published.

The agenda of the committee will be to discuss the problems faced by the state and review it monthly to formulate a solution. Every district will be submitting a report every three months to the committee about their whereabouts and solutions and implementations. How Noida plans to tackle Air Pollution is no more a secondary problem. With the previously established bodies disintegrated, Singh ensures that the new community will be able enough to tackle everything as more effort will be put into it because it’s a cumulative work. 

Deepshikha Deb

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