With the expanding number of corona virus cases the world over, the more frantic governments are moving in the direction of drawing out a fix. As the quest for an immunization proceeds, straightforward home cures, for example, rehearsing cleanliness, staying inside and keeping away from swarmed spots can support you and your family remain safe. 

Also, these 3 basic advances can be a quick arrangement and a drawn-out one. To what extent can a nation be under lockdown? What might occur if so for the following 3 months? Inquiries as such get us stressed in our mission to return to our standard life. For us to return to our standard life, we have to guarantee that preventive measures are the initial step to control the spread of this destructive infection.

How To Protect Your Family From CORONA Virus? 

Like the specialists state that you have to wash your hands, don’t contact your face, and use face shields, there are propelled preventive estimates you should take when voyaging or driving. AQI has arranged corona virus anticipation measures to raise your awareness in the current outbreak

Realities About Corona virus Outbreak

From where did this all start? Who was the reason and how is it being treated without a fix is the thing that the underneath recorded focuses will give you a knowledge on.

  • The first instance of corona
  • virus occurred on 1 December 2019 in Wuhan,
  • Medical examinations started in January 2020 by the Wuhan well-being specialists.
  • It was distinguished to have all begun in the Wuhan market that sold live animals making it a reason because of animals.
  • From January 2020 till present, there are 7.15m cases revealed worldwide and this number keeps on increasing day by day.

Be that as it may, with the quantity of influenced individuals expanding, everything you can do is keep up with cleanliness like washing hands and avoid being in crowded places to prevent ourselves from being infected.

Do’s for Corona Virus

The main thing you got the chance to remember is a safety measure. Here is the thing that you have to do to shield yourself from the episode.

1. Hand Wash 

Standard hand wash for 30 seconds will assist you from germs or any sort of contamination. Use cleanser or hand sanitizer for better cleanliness and do this each time you travel or contact anything.


2. Always cover your mouth and nose whenever you stay outdoors

Covering your mouth and nose while sniffling or when anybody close to hacks or wheezes is an alert to stay away. Corona virus for the most part spreads through water droplets from mouth and nose and covering your nose and mouth will spare you from this pandemic.

3. Counsel A Doctor If Sick

On the off chance that you are experiencing a typical cold, hack, queasiness, having difficulty of breath and exhaustion make it a point to counsel a specialist at the soonest. Any of these side effects could be an indication that you are experiencing the infection.

4. Stay Indoors

Avoid crowded places. A contaminated individual can spread the infection quickly and crowded places is the fastest method to spread the infection as well as getting affected by it. Ensure you wear full sleeves shirts with face shields and face masks when you travel. Staying inside is a protected choice.

Dont’s  of Corona virus

An infection that is as dangerous as a big influenza and viral fever should be treated with most extreme affectability and here is the thing that you consider not doing.

5. Maintain a strategic distance from Close Contact With Anyone 

Try not to draw near to anybody, particularly contacting or even conversing with any individual. Likewise, always carry your facemask and hand sanitizers when out with companions or family. Abstain from contacting anybody and don’t use similar utensils utilized by another. These easy non-touchy ways in which will aid till the occurrence involves associate end.

6. Try not to Spit 

Spitting can expand the spread of the infection. Abstain from spiting at openly and home. Likewise, abstain from drawing near to a debilitated individual experiencing cold and fever.

7. Abstain from Using Public Transport

Going by taxi, flight and train can get you contaminated. Use anti-pollution masks and carry a hand sanitizer with you everywhere. Think about going by your vehicle and stay away from public transport. In case you are feeling sick, it is advised that you avoid traveling and consult a doctor at the earliest.

8. Try not to Use Over The Counter Medicines 

If you are experiencing dry cough, joint pain, sickness, and difficulty of breath it is suggested that you counsel a specialist instead of deciding medicines on your own that can leave you engaging with a deadly illness. try to avoid antibiotics as your body will start developing resistance to antibiotics.

9. Try not to Panic, Take It Easy 

Most often a state of fear can lead to taking wrong decisions and the use of self-medication. All you need to keep in mind is hygiene i.e. regular hand wash, use of anti-pollution masks, and consult a doctor if you are sick.


10. Try not to Touch Your Face

Try not to touch your face, nose, and mouth. This maintains a strategic distance from the dangers of building up the infection. Wash your hands with soap or use hand sanitizer and this will benefit you.

End: Basic Preventive Measures 

These preventive tips can be utilized from numerous points of view to avoid the spread of the infection. These preventive tips include:

  • Regularly washing hands with alcohol-based sanitizers and handwash.
  • Cover mouth and nose with elbow or tissues when sneezing or coughing.
  • Avoid close contact with anybody with influenza, cough, and cold or having symptoms of fever.
  • Regularly clean phones, light switches, taps, and doorknobs with disinfectants.

Last but not the least, Consult a specialist on the off chance that you have fever, cold, and difficulty in breathing.


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