Air Pollution is killing everyone. It does not see any difference to each individual. Exposure to air pollution over prolonged periods of time affects health very badly. Air pollution mostly affects some groups of people than others.

 Groups of People – Most Affected By Air Pollution:

  1. Persons with asthma: Breathing unhealthy air quality may worsen and trigger asthma attacks.
  2. Persons with lung disease: Over exposure to air pollution might worsen the symptoms of lung problem.
  3. Patient with cardiovascular (heart) disease: Exposure to high levels of air pollution worsens symptoms like palpitations, chest pain or shortness of breath.
  4. Unborn babies (pregnant women): Exposure to high levels of air pollution over longer time periods may be linked to adverse pregnancy outcomes such as reduced birth weight or preterm birth.
  5. Children are likely to be more critical to exposure to air pollution compared to adults.
  6. Older Adults: Air pollution affects older adults more likely. It may be due to weaker immune systems.

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