Keeping track of the air quality has become increasingly important in the past few years due to the air pollution rising. It is a global issue and a serious health concern which needs to be attended to. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), air pollution is a major cause of disease and death in the world, contributing to 3 million premature deaths worldwide every year.

Considering that 10 of world’s 20 most polluted cities are in India, our aim at Purelogic Labs India is to supply you with real time data regarding the air quality, using our own monitoring stations and covering all parts of the country. Since Delhi is considered the most polluted among mega cities (more than 14 million population) – remaining the worst major Asian city for PM2.5 air pollution -, it’s gonna be our start point. We are placing 200 monitoring stations in Delhi NCR – including Noida, Gurugram and Ghaziabad – and soon we’ll expand all over India and other countries as well.

Our monitoring stations will cover the main pollutants needed to calculate the Air Quality Index (AQI) values: particulate matter (PM2.5) and fine particulate matter (PM10), carbon monoxide (CO), sulphur dioxide (SO2), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), ground level Ozone (O3), carbon dioxide (CO2) and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). In addition, the sensors will also display the temperature, humidity and the atmospheric pressure in real time basis.

Building awareness is not our only concern: we want you to breath clean air and live a healthier life. That’s the mission of our air purifiers. Place them at home or office to ensure a healthy air where you spend most of your time. Keep up with the outdoor and indoor air quality index with our apps for Android and iOS, know what you breath and know which measures you need to take to protect yourself from hazardous levels of air pollution.

As an independent company, we can assure our customers that the data we provide is reliable and factual. We only use data from our own monitoring stations, and the access for all the content is free. After all, everyone should be aware about the air they breath. That’s how people can demand the government to take initiatives to curb the effects due to air pollution.

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