Poor air quality is a developing issue for travelers headed abroad. Here’s our quick guidance by which to peruse up before you go, and ensure yourself once you’re there. 

Look into the air quality before you go 

You can locate a given city’s Air Quality Index, or A.Q.I for air-observing you can likewise visit on our site https://www.aqi.in/  to check the continuous air quality record far and wide. This file demonstrates how dirtied or messy the air is (ordinarily estimating particulate issue noticeable all around) and clarifies the conceivable well-being implications of that level. 

Learn Face Mask Basics 

An appropriate air-fitting face mask can be your closest companion when air quality is low. Our Prana Air second Generation N95 Mask is your ideal partner while voyaging it keeps you healthy and inhale clean air with Prana Air N95 face mask. Designed for superior particle and other pollutant filtration technology You’re better off ordering our mask online in advance of your trip instead of scrambling to find them in a new city.

Realize when to simply remain inside 

Ceasing from outside exercises on vigorously dirtied days is the most widely recognized suggestion with regards to staying away from the impacts of air contamination. Plan exercises like historical center visits, visiting shopping centers, and other generally indoor exercises for a considerable length of time when the air quality is downright awful. Or, rather just plan a few outdoor activities to stay safe.

Finally After a day of touring, shielding your skin and your lungs from air contamination and particulates that may have settled in your garments, on your skin or in your hair, is straightforward: wash up when you can, apply sunscreen and moisturizer, and repeat every time you spend a prolonged period outdoors.

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