A rapid deterioration in the air quality of India has been experienced in past few years. It is shocking but true that air pollution has become one of the greatest reasons for deaths these days. Especially during winters, we all woke up with the thick layer of smog covering the sky. The result of which a lot of people struggled to breathe properly and others fighting the smog to have visibility on roads. However, this smog is life-threatening in both ways whether it is the health hazard or a reason for a number of accidents. But if we just step back and think for a minute, we are the only reason of this air pollution.

So let’s take a step forward and make some small changes in our lives and contribute a little to combat this air pollution. You might be thinking how? Here, in this blog post, AQI India is going to share with you some easy ways to make it happen.

  • Use Public Transport or Do Carpooling: Avoid using open vehicles for your daily travel. Instead of bikes, scooters, and autos, try to use public transport like buses or metro. The best way is to do carpooling if possible as it will save both your daily travel expenses and the environment as well.
  • Use Electric Cookers instead of Gas: Before thinking of outdoor air quality, take some actions at your home as well. Indoor air pollution can be easily controlled if you cook using electric cookers and avoid gas stoves as much as you can.
  • Avoid  Burning garbage or Bursting Crackers: Take the responsibility of your own trash and avoid burning it as well. Bursting crackers is the other main reason for air pollution. Just don’t play with the environment for one or two hours of fun.You can do other things instead of burning crackers on Diwali. It may not only cost the crackers but a number of lives behind it.
  • Assure a Healthy Level of Humidity around you: Keep your surroundings fresh and clean. If you stay at home most of the time, then use an exhaust fan or air purifier to assure that you are intaking only fresh air. Avoid staying in a closed area for long and it is always good to have house plants. Just avoid over watering them!
  • Go Green: This is the perfect way to combat most of the air pollution. The plants absorb all the contaminants and give you fresh oxygen to breathe. Planting more and more trees are essential these days. Have a garden outside your home and take a walk around it every day. Plants play a very important role in removing poisonous chemicals present in the polluted air.

Hope these ways will be helpful in saving lives and let you live longer as well. These ways are very easy if you try them out. This is how you could make a little contribution towards saving our earth and the precious lives.

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