1Know the quality of air you breathe
2Monitor indoor & outdoor air pollutants
3Control your air quality with a purifier & mask
4Stay safe and healthy

Indoor Monitors

Know the quality of air you breathe at your home, office, hotel or anywhere in indoor with our smart air quality monitors.

Outdoor Monitors

Before you step out from your home, office, hotel & restaurant, find out how good or bad the quality of air is in outdoor.

We consume 1 million breaths of air every month without
knowing how the air quality affects our bodies, mind and

92% of the world population is exposed to harmful levels of airpollution.
World Health Organization
The indoors air quality we breathe is 2 to 5 times worse than outdoors.
Environmental Protection Agency
  • licon-PM25.pngPM2.5
  • licon-PM10.pngPM10
  • licon-co2.pngCO2
  • licon-sulphur.pngSO2
  • licon-tvoc.pngTVOC

Protect Your Health From Indoor Pollution

Indoor air quality is more worse than outdoor. Keep an eye on your indoor air quality in real-time. Don't take risk on your health. Unstanding the air quality is the first step to protect yourself from pollution.

  • licon-PM25.pngPM2.5
  • licon-PM10.pngPM10
  • licon-co2.pngCO2
  • licon-sulphur.pngSO2
  • licon-tvoc.pngTVOC

Exposure To Outdoor Air Pollutants Will Increase Risk of Arrhythmia, Ischemia, Cardiac Failure, and Stroke.

Find out how harmful the quality of air you breathe outside by the harmful gases like NO2, SO2, CO, CO2, O3, etc. Take precaution is the best way to stay healthy and safe from outdoot air pollution.

Your Monitor's Air Quality Dashboard

Keep track of the air quality measured by your pollution monitor in real-time and historic data. Analyze your air quality you breathe everyday from your dashboard.


Download the 'AQI' app and check outdoor air quality level of your area, city & state.

Access Your City & State Air Quality Information From 'AQI Map'

Get free access of your outdoor area, city & state's air quality level in real-time & historic data on hourly, weekly & monthly basis from 'AQI Map'. Also, understand the air pollution level of your neighbouring cities & states.

AQI pollution map