India has become a country where many foreign missions are undertaken. However, in the capital city of Delhi alone, the deteriorating quality of living – Particularly the unhealthy air has made it an unbearable place for diplomats. Climate Change Impacts Human Displacement and the results have become clearer with each passing year.

Climate Change is real and it has already affected long-term displacement in people who find it hard to stay in places where the standard of living has become unhealthy due to these natural issues. For instance, people in Delhi who make their living by staying and working here have already sorted out a way to save themselves from the Air Pollution Macca during Diwali season.

Similarly, on a global scale, Pollution and Climate Change has destroyed homes and forced people to flee from their long-lived in homes. Erica Bower, one of the officers from the UNHCR Headquarters in Geneva has said that she has seen wildfires destroy lives in Santa Rosa. Climate Change has thus made normal people living their daily life into refugees.

Researches have indicated that the Earth’s climate is changing at an alarming level. These levels have exceeded most scientific forecasts way beyond measure. This has not only affected families and communities who suffer disasters and various consequences of Climate Change but also rigged people who want to have healthy well-being in the cities too. Leaving one’s home to make another is probably the worst things one has to do in life and Climate Change is indirectly forcing people to stay on their toes and become nomads.

Identifying how climate change impacts human displacement:

The fifth assessment report of the Intergovernmental panel was very clear because it identified displacement as one of the trends that are projected to increase as a result of Climate Change. This is to say that human displacement will only keep increasing due to Climate Change. It is not going to be a one-time thing and factors such as pollution and others are going to pave way for environmental degradation and an increase in people getting away from their homes.

People already displaced due to Climate Change:

The question arrives: How many people are already displaced by Climate today?

If we look at the statistics of the last couple of years, we have on an average of over 26 million people who are displaced as a result of natural disasters. Most of these people have been displaced internally. The figure aforementioned has been doubled since the 70s. The figure is alarming enough just when we consider the stats between 2008 and 2014 alone. In that period, 184 million people were displaced due to climatic changes and disasters.

Climate Change Impacts Human Displacement

Asia is the most vulnerable to the most extreme Climatic Events:

If we look at the statistics and most extreme weather events that have a direct impact on people, then Asia has been impacted the most. In the sub-continent alone; 9 out of 10 people have been displaced as a result of a natural disaster. Considering the year 2018, the developing countries are most affected by Climate Change as they have a lack of governance, lack of preparations and lack of funds for disaster risk reduction.

The main reasons for displacement:

Displacement has occurred in most vulnerable places due to the effects of how governments and communities respond to natural hazards. For example, if a functioning government knows the impact that Climate Change can bring to their governance, they’d actually put a structure in place and prepare well in advance for a disaster that might take place. Being better equipped for such forces of nature should be the government’s main job.

If people are in the marginalized part of the country, the chances are they would be more vulnerable to climate change and the ultimate displacement that would happen if disasters hit. The main reason, however, is a marginalized part of the country not having a system in place that governs over and responds to such calamities. Moreover, since most government bodies are so hell-bent on not taking Climate Change seriously, the displacement of people automatically doubles up.

Climate Change Impacts Human Displacement

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