Here is a basic theory behind air pollution and climate change.

When we burn fossil fuels like coal and natural gas, we release tons of Carbon Dioxide (CO2). Co2 eventually builds up in the atmosphere and causes Earth’s temperature to rise. This creates a blanket where all the heat gets trapped. Which furthers disrupts the naturally interconnected ecosystem.

Climate change affects human health by making the air unhealthy. The higher the temperature, allergens and other harmful air pollutants also increase. For example, a longer warm season can prolong the pollen season – which leads to increased allergic sensitivity among people, and asthma attack episodes. This can diminish productive days at work, school or even home.

Did you know higher temperature related to climate change increase the ozone layers along with harmful pollutants?

Air Pollution and Climate Change:

Have you ever read how climate change really affect human health? Climate change is a serious environmental issue. It is now fast becoming a deadly threat to public health. The government has planned to address climate change and its constant threat.  Yet little has been done so far and the change can only be seen after a long time from now.

air pollution and climate change

There are a number of health issues that are primarily caused by climate change due to air pollution. Hence, protecting yourself from rising health risks is important. There are many communities who are working hard to address public health issues. Reducing the risk caused by various pollution issues is also a major concern.

Take measures when needed:

People who have asthma or are prone to allergies can take precautionary measures to reduce the impact of climate change on them.

Such as:

  • You can consult your doctor and be advised on the possible allergic reactions depending on your health history.
  • Plan your daily outdoor activities depending on the air quality index. You can download the AQI app to know how polluted the air is in the area you’re about to visit. This way you can keep yourself protected from the harmful airborne particles.
  • Advocate and support people who seriously believe in bringing change against the rising pollution level, and also work on ways to reduce climate change and the impact on human health.

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