The climate of the entire planet is making a shapeshift with every passing minute. While there are a number of things that cumulatively affect the global temperature and weather, Climate Change and Air Pollution can be directly linked to each other when a hike and disturbance in the global temperature is concerned. To really understand the link between these two main environmental problems, one needs to first understand the difference between them.

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Firstly, climate change can be simply considered as the major variation in the climate of Earth due to factors such as human action and natural causes. The direct impact of Air Pollution can have global consequences which can also make a grave change to the pattern of climate and the way seasons are to come through. Climate change can further also rise the sea level to extremely dangerous heights and hamper the metrological phenomena to a greater extent. While Climate change can be easily depicted as an environmental phenomenon, it has a negative implication on socio, economic aspects of life too.

climate change and air pollution

On the flipside, Air Pollution can be simply termed as the presence of toxic particles in the air that both flora and fauna are affected by. Air contamination is directly linked to the presence of tropospheric ozone gases (O3), sulfur oxides (SO2 and SO3), nitrogen oxides (NO and NO2), benzo(a)pyrene (BaP) and particulate matter (PM). PM 2.5 and PM 10 are the biggest sources of Urban Air Pollution. However, these gases result in the atmosphere when fossil fuels are burnt or industries process raw good to produce newer things.

The common link between climate change and air pollution:

The real question here is how Climate Change and Air Pollution can both have a common link. The burning of fossil fuels for starters emits CO2 which helms to the increase of global warming. The current energy model followed across the world brings both Climate Change and Air Pollution in the same context.

Both these phenomenons also have a serious impact on society. Droughts, flood, deforestation, and extinction of certain species from the face of the earth can all be caused by Climate Change. Famine and other diseases which also impact the society are less effective when it comes to deaths per year. Atmospheric pollution now causes an approx of six million deaths worldwide. Air Pollution can also cause Lung cancer, heart attacks, and other types of strokes that can indirectly add up to the global death rate.

Climate Change and air pollution

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Primarily, Climate change is caused when a blanket of toxic gases is formed around the earth. Air Pollution largely affects the cause of this blanket that traps the heat caused inside the planet itself. Pollution from cars, factories, homes and power plants that burn fossil fuels such as oil, coal, natural gas, and gasoline are the prime factors which cause climate change according to the rise of air pollution. Climate Change can be directly attributed to Global Warming Pollution that has no bounds.

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There’s an urgent need to reduce global warming pollution as this blanket created around the planet can have an elongated impact. The result of the present pollution will have a major and bewildering impact on Climate Change in 50-200 ears. If the people understand the kind of disastrous impact Air Pollution will have on our children and the children of our children then it will automatically attend an alert right this moment. The level of carbon dioxide alone has been on an all-time high in hundreds of years.

If Climate Change needs to be stabilized, the common link between it and Air Pollution needs to be tapped on. Both the phenomenons can be tackled if a proper, sustainable energy model is introduced. Energy efficient products, renewable energy sources, electric vehicles, and less resource consuming appliances must be made mandatory. After applying these fixes, the global temperature will slowly but ultimately be brought down to the measures that don’t really affect Global Warming.

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