Air Pollution in The City:

Harsh Vardhan Puri, a consultant from Sir Ganga Ram Hospital recently said that inhaling the air found in the cities is almost similar to smoking five to seven cigarettes every day. 

Speaking at a seminar for Air Pollution at NGO Chintan Mr. Puri said that a good number of people are living with lung function decrements, inflammation, and other cardiac-related issues in the country. He also added that thousands of people are dying due to air pollution each year.

He also said that back in 1988, only 10% of lung cancer patients were non-smokers, but in 2018, 50% were non-smokers. This rise indirectly also shows that Air Pollution is playing a huge role in this incredibly rise. He pointed out that it is also turning people obese.

Air Pollution in The City Is Equivalent to Smoking 5-7 Cigarettes A Day

Rahul Chowdrey, who is an Environmental Lawyer said that laws that deal with air pollution have been in place for a long time but the implementation of such laws has failed every now and then. Even the Supreme Court has failed with their monitoring requirements. He noticed that people who talk about Air Pollution in Delhi -NCR often go beyond the city leaving the matter at hand go numb again and again.

“Air pollution is not restricted to Delhi, winters, or even cities and has created high health impacts. The pollution control boards are understaffed and there is no proper implementation of the existing plan,” said Santosh Harish, a fellow at the Centre for Policy Research.

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