India with a population of over 1.3 billion has been suffering from pollution for many years now. With the population level increasing by every day, modernization in various part of the country is bound to happen. Pollution in India has many sources – one being the vehicle pollution.

Car pollution affects the environment, in the same manner, the way industrial pollution emitting poisonous gas in the air does. With many people driving to their workplace, waiting in the traffic signal with their car engines on – motor vehicle emits a dangerous level of air pollutants. Passersby’s who are traveling by bike, bicycle any locals inhale these pollutants which can impact their health.

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Here is why we have listed below ways on how to reduce vehicle air pollution.

1.Burn less fuel

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One of the important things to remember is to use your vehicle only when you are needed too. If you have more than one vehicle – best advised to use only one and pick or drop your family member to their destination or opt for local transportation. If your coworker travels with you – carpool whenever you can. This way not only will you save on the fuel but also contribute to your surrounding in a better and sensible way.

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2. Choose fuel efficient vehicle

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These days every one owns a car. And the ones who have a car want to upgrade to the next model available in the market. However, it is always a good idea to keep in mind to go for a car or any motor vehicle that is fuel efficient. That means the vehicle with low greenhouse gas emission. Effects of vehicular pollution on human health are unbelievably dangerous. Fuel-efficient vehicles promise to help the environment, and also saving the cost of fuel at the fuel pumps. 

3. Keep a check on the fuel filter and car air filter

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According to the India Environmental Portal, more than 3500 motor vehicles are on the move per minute on the city roads, which emits various pollutant level in the city air. In today’s time, the gasoline and diesel used in the motor vehicles contain a large number of sulfur and other chemical compounds that make fuel filter to keep the car clean. Make sure to keep a regular check on the fuel filter and get a pollution check certification from the Indian Government on a timely basis. Also, installing the best car air filter in the car will ensure good indoor car air quality for a healthy and safe driving.

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4. Drive less, opt public transportation

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We understand we all are entirely dependent on our motor vehicles for traveling wherever we want, and whenever we wish to. However, given the fact vehicular pollution is one of the major contributors in the urban city’s pollution level, it is our duty to act smart and responsible when we easily can. Taking public transportation is a good option during high traffic days which is naturally also a high pollution day. Take the city metro or bus or even locals to save time, fuel and cost.

5. Shut the engine off when required

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While waiting for the traffic light to turn green, it is always smart to turn the engine off. Not only it saves you some fuel but also helps in controlling the pollution in the location you’re driving. Imagine, if all the 50 cars in that particular road traffic from your destination shut their engine off during red-light traffic – how much the pollution level can come down to.

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