In general terms Indoor air pollution means the chemicals or the physical properties that pollute the air quality of a house, building, institution or any closed space of an indoor environment.
The amount of Indoor Pollution caused does not differ from place to place. The sources of pollution may vary but the amount is typically the same.

Developed Countries

In developed Countries, Indoor Air Pollution has been a matter of growth. People may think that being inside a closed environment lets them away from pollutants but in actual sense, Indoor Pollution is more harmful than Outdoor air pollution.
Factors like:-
– Tight Living Standards
– No ventilation
– Dust Particles
– Consisting of fungi and pollen in parts of home
– Having pets, leading to hair in the environment

This leads to the increase of a lot of existing pollutants in the house such as PM 2.5, PM10, Nitrogen Oxide(NO2), Oxygen etc.

Developing Countries

In Developing countries, the sources of causing air pollution are different from that of developed countries as there is furthermore dependability on solid fuels such as wood, fuel, charcoal, coal, dung etc. This kind of practices provides more amount of air pollution inside the houses due to the smoke.
This causing emission of harmful pollutants such as Carbon Monoxide, Polycyclic organic matter.

There are certainly short-term disease that can be caused due to indoor air pollution like
– irritation of nose, eyes
– redness of eyes
– itching in eyes
– headaches
– dizziness
– fatigue

There are also long-term serious effects caused by Indoor Air Pollution like:-
– Respiratory Disorders
– Heart Diseases
– Cancer
– Asthma

Ways to avoid Indoor Air Pollution

– Using vacuum cleaners instead of brooms so that pollutants can be sucked up.
– Keeping doormats at every door, to avoid getting outside pollutants inside the house.
– Using a dehumidifier to normalize the temperature.
– Avoid smoking inside the house.
– Avoid using carpets.
– Giving pets a regular bath.
– Try having cross ventilation in the house by having the windows open.
– Having a lot of plants at home.


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