A lot of excitement could be seen among the common public as after 2 years they could finally celebrate Diwali. Since COVID-19 evryone was waiting to celebrate Diwali the traditional way, but there was something else awaiting, Diwali Pollution.  The Government posed different guidelines for different states but the State Government didn’t pay heed to them. As a result, all of us landed into a cloud of thick smog with our crackers. We also don’t realize the aftereffects that it has for our environment and the people. Delhi saw its biggest pollution turnout in 3 years and it is presumed to get worse due to its geographical location.

diwali pollution by firecrackers

How did Diwali Pollution affect Delhi and India?

13,000 kg of firecrackers were taken down by police from areas where firecrackers are banned. This represents the negligence and thoughtlessness towards the hazardous health effects induced by the firecrackers. The firecrackers led to the average AQI of India going 15 times above the safe limit set by WHO. Among all this, Delhi was the worst-hit area. This was because of the effects bestowed upon it due to its geographical location.

According to aqi.in, Delhi recorded a booming AQI of 1151 on 5th November, the day after Diwali. The PM2.5 levels in Delhi also shot up to 866 the night of Diwali. The value was so high that some monitors couldn’t even record it. Most monitors go till 999. Breathing this air could cause serious effects on any healthy person and cause long term effects.

delhi diwali pollution graph 2021
All of this led to Delhi residents waking up with breathing problems, headaches, and watery eyes. According to Max Hospital, there was also a 20% increase in the number of patients with troubled breathing the next day of Diwali. Dr. Sandeep Nayar, head of the department of respiratory medicine at BLK-Max hospital expressed his concern on this increase and declared it asone of the busiest days. 

What will happen if Diwali Pollution continues?

The short-term effects of this pollution are not much scary. It  is the long term effects that are truly dreadful. We can show you the 2 biggest reasons that will encourage you to engage in environment-friendly practices.

1. Long term health effects

Air pollution is the root cause of breathing problems these days. Long-term exposure to this air can cause chronic asthma, pulmonary insufficiency, and cardiovascular diseases. Pregnant women are advised to avoid heavy exercises in such air quality as a high intake of this air might lead to a miscarriage.

2. Environmental Effects

The air pollution from Diwali is increasing the temperature of the earth. This temperature increase is leading to the melting of all the icebergs and glaciers present. 1.2 trillion tons of ice is melting every year and all of this is turning into water and entering our oceans. These long term effects from the air pollution of  firecrackers can lead to a major climate crisis.

All of us need to come together and vow to end Diwali Pollution. Every year Delhi gets engulfed in the thick cloud of smog and this doesn’t need to be a tradition. In conclusion, let’s embrace Diwali and boycott the pollution.

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