Delhi air pollution has caused people numerous health issues such as a cough & cold including respiratory problems. The air quality of Delhi has significantly deteriorated in the past one week with a fall in the temperature. According to the weather forecasting, National Capital of India will experience a rise in the pollution level in the coming two days.

Delhi Air Pollution Makes It Difficult To Breathe

Every day the residents of the capital city are waking up to a thick smog and hazy morning with almost no sunlight coming through. With the rise in AQI level and the worsening of air quality by every day, Delhi air pollution is making it impossible for the people to breathe fresh air.

With the help of AQI India pollution monitoring devices that are placed in the different location in New Delhi, the maximum AQI value was charted at 536 as of last week.

Delhi Air Pollution - AQI Values


This level of AQI is categorized as hazardous which has dangerous effects on human health. Inhaling air with PM 2.5 as high as 261 can lead to chronic health issues such as bronchitis attack, asthma, heart ailments just to name a few.

Health Issues from breathing Delhi’s Poor Air Quality

One can experience dry coughs, breathing problems like difficulty in breathing or irregular breathing pattern, sore puffy eyes, skin irritation and allergies due to breathing Delhi’s poor air quality. Delhi air pollution has caused an increase in hospital visits lately and the numbers are only increasing.

Newborns and children are the most vulnerable to the health risk posed by air pollution in Delhi. Besides the kids, even elderly citizens and pregnant women are complaining about health issues which doctors fear if not paid attention at the right time may complicate health matter in the future.

Delhi Air Pollution affecting health

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Steps You can take for Cleaner and Better Air

Breathing Delhi’s polluted air is not only affecting your physical well being but also your mental and financial state. To save your family and yourself from the city’s polluted air, you can take simple yet small steps to clean and better air.

  1. Instead of using a private vehicle to your destination, prefer carpool or take public transport whenever possible.
  2. Reduce your heating needs by making your house more energy efficient.
  3. Do not burn any plastic or garbage as it produces more amount of carbon dioxide.
  4. Do not use gasoline or diesel-powered equipment as it produces common pollutants include unburned hydrocarbons(HC), carbon monoxide(CO), nitrogen oxides (NOx) or particulate matter (PM).
  5. Most importantly – Reduce, reuse and recycle!

We may not be able to change the pollution level in Delhi in a snap of a finger, but we can try to change our methods taking precautionary measures. Controlling the rising pollution level is only in our hands, and nobody can save us from the disaster that is on its way.

Keeping in mind the good health of our future generations to come and the present times, let us do our bit and help in fixing the problem. To find more about the AQI of other states, visit Interested to share your suggestion on how to stop air pollution, write us in the comment section.


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