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Major Air Pollutants in Nigeria

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28 (PM2.5)

PM2.5 1.9X

The current PM2.5 concentration in Nigeria is 1.9 times above the recommended limit given by the WHO 24hrs air quality guidelines value.

Nigeria - States Air Pollution Level

STATES Status AQI AQI-US AQI-IN PM2.5 PM10 Temp Humid
Federal Capital Territory POOR 105 105 62 37 0 23 94
Lagos MODERATE 63 63 30 18 0 24 79

Nigeria - Metro Cities AQI

20˚C / 68%
12˚C / 74%
26˚C / 87%

Historic Air Quality Graph of Nigeria


Oct 1, 2020


Oct 1, 2020


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FAQs of Nigeria's Air Quality

(Frequently Asked Questions)

Some facts about air pollution level in Nigeria and what quality of air you breathe in your region.

The current Air Quality Index (AQI) in Nigeria is 46 MODERATE air quality. This reading was last taken 6 hours ago .

The current concentration of PM2.5 in Nigeria is 18 (µg/m³). The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends 15 µg/m³ 24 hrs as the threshold concentration of PM2.5. Currently, the concentration is 0.72 times the recommended limit.

Generally, the air quality at Nigeria starts deteriorating in late October. The winters are the worst-hit season in terms of air pollution.

You should wear a good N95 mask when you go outdoor in Nigeria until the AQI is improving upto moderate range.

Office going people should avoid personal vehicles and use public transportations or carpooling.

(i) The primary causes of outdoor air pollution are solid, liquid particles called aerosols & gase from vehicles emissions, construction activities, factories, burning stubble & fossil fuels and wildfire, etc.

(ii) Main causes of indoor air pollution are harmful gases from cooking fuels (such as wood, crop wastes, charcoal, coal and dung), damp, mould smoke, chemicals from cleaning materials, etc.

Indoor air pollution in Nigeria is as dangerous as outdoor pollution, because the air pollutants come inside the houses or buildings through doors, windows and ventilation.

In Nigeria, you must use an air purifier or fresh air machine at home or office indoor and close all the doors, windows and ventilations when the outdoor air quality index (aqi) in Nigeria is very high. Proper ventilation is highly recommended only when outdoor air quality is improving and moderate AQI range.

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