Corona Virus or COVID-19 is now a world-wide pandemic. Some countries being hit a bit harder than other, but none is untouched now. Humanity seems to be helpless in-front of this common flu-like virus. For the first time in modern history, the world has come to a total stand-still.

Worldwide Crisis During COVID19 lock-down

Jobs are being lost, economies are down. The most developed nuclear nations are equally helpless. The most affected of all countries being The United States of America, Italy, Spain, France, U.K., China, Iran, and the list goes on.

The chart below shows how the total number of corona virus infections started blowing up right from the month of February.

Worldwide Corona Virus Cases

Data courtesy: WHO and AQI India. Data till 8th April, 2020.

Countries are struggling with gathering medical supplies, shortage of staff, availability of ventilators, among many others. Nobody knows what to do.

India in COVID19 Lock-Down

India, on the other hand, has done some commendable job containing the virus. Indian government imposed lock-down as soon as they sensed trouble. Though the lock-down was announced suddenly on a Sunday evening, people seemed to be following it right away. This sudden announcement triggered some panic buying in all parts of the country, putting at risk the very concept of lock-down.

After the lock-down was announced by the Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi himself, the corona infections kept growing. This growing number kept the government and the health officials on their toes. As a preventive measure, Indian government has decided to further stricten the lock-down protocols and are also likely to increase the lock-down days.

Areas with known COVID-19 infected patients were declared hot-spots and were sealed off. The movement was further decreased and wearing masks has been made mandatory. Unnecessarily getting out of your house can even get you arrested.

We have talked about common myths and facts about corona infection in our previous blog. We have also discussed about Impact of COVID19 Lock Down on India’s Air Pollution Crisis.

The best advise anyone can give you right now is to just STAY AT HOME. Try not to make physical contact with anyone from outside, and if its really important to go outside, always wear a mask also maybe a glove and maintain social distancing.

 Stay safe!

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