Did you know the health effects of indoor air pollution are much worse than outdoor air pollution? In this blog today, we talk about the sources of air pollution and ways you can combat indoor pollution.

Controlling the air we breathe indoors is easier than controlling outdoor air. If we follow simple steps such as putting a stop on indoor smoking, keeping a regular check on the HVAC system can help maintain healthy air quality.

Health effects of indoor air pollution:

In India alone, air pollution has become one of the major causes of frequent hospital visits. From adults to kids aged between 3-7 years persistent health effects of indoor air pollution can be seen. A lot of times, pollution sources such as smoking inside the room and cooking fumes can cause a number of health issues. Although, we think the indoor space is clean and safe for the inmates, the residue from smoking indoors and cooking fumes remain for a longer period of time.

Other sources of indoor air pollution also include mold growth which can risk respiratory issues especially among children. For instance, if the room temperature and humidity levels are not checked regularly, mold multiplication can take place resulting in health issues such as difficulty in breathing, headaches, irritation in the eyes and throat.

health effects of indoor air pollution

Combat health effects of indoor air pollution:

  1. Identify the sources:

It is essential to identify indoor air pollution. Installing indoor air monitoring devices can save a lot of time and effort to identify the major hotspots of pollution inside your house/office or any indoor premises.

  1. Get rid of chemical products:

A lot of times, unknowingly we use products that have a lot of harmful chemicals in it. Which further leads to health issues that can be problematic in the long term. If you have small children or a pregnant woman in your home, it is best advised to no longer use any chemical products.

  1. Keep a check on the TVOCs and HCHO:

The best thing about the pollution monitoring equipment is that they can tell you real-time concentration values of Total Volatile Organic Compounds and Formaldehyde. These two pollutants are extremely dangerous and can cause respiratory issues, neurological and psychological health issues.

Keeping a check on indoor air quality is extremely important to maintain a healthy air quality standard. Looking for best home care air quality solutions? Visit www.aqi.in to know more about our quality products and check real-time pollution of your area.



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